Monday 12 December 2022

2022 Genealogy Goals & Looking to 2023: My genealogy weeks 26 November - 13 December 2022

 We come to the end of a calendar year again and as usual, I have no idea where the year went. 

I do know that I gave 40 talks in 2022 so I need to stop talking. Goal number 1 for 2023, learn to say No. 

Excited to know 'Farmor' is coming

I also know that a new twig was added to our family tree - my first ever grandchild, Theodor who lives in Sweden with his Mum and Dad. Goal number 2 is visit them and this is an easy one to tick off. This afternoon I am flying out to Sweden via Dubai and Copenhagen to spend Christmas and New Year with them. I am also hoping for a White Christmas and to tick off another bucket list item.

During 2022 I spent quite a bit of time working on all my family history drafts for each of my major families. These range from smallish, 10000 words to largish 20000 words or huge over 25000 words. They include illustrations and sources/citations, bibliography etc. Not yet indexed as they are not yet finished. I have been saying that for decades. Goal number 3 will be to make them all first editions and publish them via a PDF on Trove (through NED) and the Internet Archive. Free for all or at least those interested.

Just needs a 2023 update then finis

2022 was the year that we returned to face to face meetings and conferences and how good was that. I am a confessed genealogy conference junkie and I love planning my year around conferences. Goal number 4 is to attend at least one overseas conference and one Australian conference. In 2023 I am already booked to attend RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This will tick off a few bucket list items including a visit to the Salt Lake City FamilySearch Library and attending RootsTech, the largest genealogy event on the planet. Although it will again be hybrid like so many conferences now. For my Australian conference I would like to attend the annual conference in NSW which I understand will be on the Central Coast. The NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies' website is not working this morning so I can't check. I still want to visit Newcastle and do some research on Dad's family so that will be a double bonus if I drive down. 

That's enough goals for 2023. Back to 2022.


Currently reading Nathan Dylan Goodwin's latest in the Venator series, catching serial killers using DNA evidence. It's amazing how you can actually learn tips of how to manage DNA matches while reading a novel. I can't put it down so I think it will be reading material on the plane tonight.


Although I inferred above that I would not do as many talks in 2023, I seem to have not grasped that message. In February 2023 I already have 5 talks - 2 virtual and 3 in person. There are only 4 booked for the rest of the year so perhaps it will be OK. Where I am speaking is on the Events page of my website. When I checked that link I discovered that my security certificate had expired two days ago. No reminder notice which is odd. So hastily purchased one and hoping I can get it all sorted before I leave this afternoon. Otherwise you will see a not safe message until I return. Although it is safe, not hacked but a nuisance at this late notice.

What's Coming Up?

First term at Bribie U3A will be a repeat of our Advanced Irish class last held in 2021. Lots of new things since then so that will keep me busy.

But first I am going to have an amazing time in Dubai, Copenhagen, Lund (Sweden) and Singpore. Plus time with my family where I will be called 'Farmor' although I think I prefer Nanna. Then there's Swedish cuisine and Yule time traditions and possibly even snow to make it truly magical.

Time to go and pack that suitcase and try and get in my presents for the family too. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday season. Stay safe and well and I hope to catch up with everyone in 2023.