Thursday, 4 August 2011

Genealogy notes 2-4 August 2011 - Too Much To Read

My last entry was all about catching up with my genealogy reading but things didn't go quite to plan. I am now in Brisbane but at least with e-newsletters and e-books they can travel with me easily! So still planning to catch up with all that e-reading.

I'm speaking at four events while up in Queensland which is exciting as I will also get to see many old friends as well. The first event is on Saturday with the annual Genealogical Society of Queensland's seminar. The theme this year is Ireland: Unlocking the Mystery and it is fully booked. Lots of people have Irish ancestors so I'm not that surprised.

It should be a great day with speakers Cora Num with Irish Research on the Internet; myself with The Colonial Irish Loved a Beer or Two; Pauline Williams on Irish Resources at GSQ; Richard Reid curator of the Not Just Ned: A True History of the Irish in Australia exhibition at the National Museum of Australia (topic not defined) and Jennifer Harrison on Irish Convicts.

I will write more about the other events in future diary entries but you can see the list of events on my website.

Last night some of my Twitter friends and I were tweeting about 'the reading pile' beside the bed, or is that more than one pile which then seemed to turn into a bookcase, again with a 'to read' tag. I must say I identified with the issue as I often buy magazines or books at genealogy events and then don't get the chance to read them before I buy even more. And that's not counting the e-newsletters and e-books I have waiting to read on the laptop! Does every genealogist have this problem of too much to read or is it just us??


  1. I definitely have this problem! It doesn't help that I am a fast reader and will read everything (except horror!) and have been known to read tomato sauce bottles if nothing else is around (not much of a storyline though).

    I do give books away but only want my special books to go to a good home. I am reluctantly thinking I need to do something as the the mad rush to avoid the floods in January my friends helped me pack and move over 90 boxes of books and there were still quite a lot not packed. Luckily we didn't flood however I still have not managed to unpack all those boxes as yet.

  2. Quite agree Shauna...always too much reading no matter how one tries. And unlike fiction you "can't" give them away as you might need them. Hope the talks went well in Brisbane...recommended them to a friend.