Saturday, 17 November 2012

Genealogy notes 10-18 Nov 2012 - still house hunting

Well the last Diary's wishful thinking hasn't happened, so much for positive thinking! We still haven't made an offer on a house, there is always something not quite right or we can't agree on it. We have a few that interest us but still have to see a few more and of course, new homes come on the market all the time.

Schoolies' week is upon us and thankfully Bribie Island is not like Surfers Paradise but we did see an interesting  rite of passage for Year 12 students here. They all jump off the Bribie bridge into Pumicestone Passage in their school uniforms! So glad we didn't have that type of activity when I was finishing school. I don't think we did anything and I started work the following week.

As school is finishing for the year this means that people will be starting to take their Christmas holidays and as the case back in September, caravan parks are booked out and we have to move from here. Just when we were wondering where we might end up, a friend's friend had another friend who is trying to sell their holiday unit here on Bribie. It hasn't sold so far, so we have arranged to rent it for the same weekly rate of the caravan park over Christmas New Year which is really great. They didn't want any long term tenants so it suits them as well.

So next weekend we will be moving into this two bedroom unit on the top floor of a unit complex which overlooks the bridge, and just to the right are the majestic Glass House Mountains and on both sides is Pumicestone Passage. We should have a great view of the New Year's Eve fireworks! Of course to get to the top floor, there are three flights of stairs which might be a bit of a struggle carrying all our gear up there (and back down again) but there is also a swimming pool and it's close to shops.

It also means that we will be able to leave our laptops set up and it will be easier for me to pop online throughout the day without having to set everything up each time. I sincerely hope they sell their unit but I hope it's not before we buy a house and move! I have had enough moving for now.

My discussion paper and draft strategic plan for AFFHO and National Family History Week 2013 was discussed at their Council meeting during the week and as I suspected, it generated a lot of discussion, some for and some against. I've now been asked to write something for the December NewsFlash and get feedback from member societies and others. This delays my plans to start advertising NFHW but this is a debate worth having I think. Watch out for the December issue and please encourage your society to comment!

I've booked my flight to Canberra for the NAA's advisory committee for the centenary of WW1 meeting and I'm hoping to catch up with some Canberra friends too. Due to daylight saving I have to go down the day before so this gives me more time and is a little less tiring than a same day flight.

I'm almost finished another article for Irish Lives Remembered and Inside History Magazine have asked me to write another feature story for them so that's exciting. I like writing as long as the ideas flow, which is most times. But sometimes I sit and look at the screen waiting for inspiration! A long term research client has asked me to do some more work so hopefully I'll start to get back into a more normal routine soon. Ending on another note of wishful thinking as the Christmas season starts to speed towards us.

I hope everyone else is doing more genealogy than me! Till next time.

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