Tuesday 22 January 2013

Genealogy notes 10-23 Jan 2013 Back to normal

Just as I was getting back into genealogy blogging and interacting with all my genealogy friends on various social media sites, and enjoying it immensely, we slipped back into the big black 'moving' hole. We are out of our caravan and temporary unit and into our new home at last. Overall it's been a good two weeks as I think we will be very happy here but I have to say that I'm disappointed at how much of our furniture was damaged or even totally destroyed and I suspect that happened going into and out of storage for five months.

The removal guys in both Melbourne and Bribie were excellent and so careful and helpful so the damage either occurred during transit or storage. Of course this is also where you enter the murky world of insurance and find out that your understanding is different from their understanding. Of course the company was sorry to hear that we would never use them again but I don't think they are in a hurry to find the missing wheels to our bed, or the missing TV remote or any of other missing items, not to mention fixing/replacing any damaged items.

Surprisingly there was very little damage to boxes that I had packed but then I have had lots of practice at packing over the last decade or so! But Murphy's law was in operation and the only coffee cup to break was the one Max treasured most as it was a special gift from his son. After a mild panic about not finding the filing cabinet keys we remembered we had taken them with us in the caravan which is still parked down at Burpengary. So there was a quick trip back to the mainland and thankfully the keys were there. I'm still slowly unpacking all of the study stuff and all of my books! After a week we still don't have TV, seems we need a booster whatever that is but the TV technician will be here tomorrow. But after a day of unpacking and racing around we are usually too tired to watch anything anyway but I do miss the news and weather.

Our stuff was only in storage for five months but even within that time it gets a musty smell so although people say sell first and then buy a new place, I think that only works if it is done quickly. In our case the house sold quicker than expected and before we even knew where we were going! However now that we live in Paradise I can't see us moving any time soon!

So now back to my genealogy world - during all this chaos I still managed to write Part 7 of Missing Irish Loved Ones Down Under for Irish Lives Remembered so look out for that next month. In just over two weeks  we leave on the third Unlock the Past genealogy cruise so I have to finish two more talks and then just recheck the other nine for any website changes. And thinking of those dates reminded me that I will have to write Part 8 of my Irish series as I will be away when the deadline happens!

Helen the Queensland chair of the Guild of One Name Studies is having a meeting this Australia Day weekend in Brisbane and I would love to attend but I suspect that it will be more unpacking - I would hate to go away on the cruise and come back to cardboard boxes and all that work! The meeting is at a Sizzlers and I don't know what it is with Queenslanders and Sizzlers but I know I'm home!

Helen has also issued a 2013 Australia Day blog challenge and I've accepted so I'll have to give myself a wee break time to do that. It's on first ancestors here but I've already written about mine in other blogs so I'm picking my two Cornish ancestors to write about. Hopefully those files will surface before the weekend is over.

We've been asked to repeat the Queensland Family History Society February seminar on online newspapers and Trove out at Chinchilla so that will be a good opportunity to visit Miles which is where Max's parents met during World War 2. His dad was in the army and his mother in the air force. Max hasn't been out that way before so it will be a nice opportunity to do some touring in south western Queensland.

Well I'd better get back to the unpacking but I thought I should let everyone know that the move is over and we survived and things are heading back to normal! Until next time.


  1. We'll understand if you can't make it, Shauna. I know how traumatic unpacking can be! I attended the Guild Google hangout on Saturday and am considering trying to do one for the Queensland Guild members after we get back from the Cruise and RootsTech.

    Sizzlers is great as everyone can eat what they like and no-one comes along to kick you out when you are enjoying yourself talking genealogy. Sizzlers are also in New South Wales and Western Australia.

    1. What a time you have had, Shauna...
      I agree re Sizzlers. that's where we have most of our Blarney Bunch Lunches, for the same reasons as you mentioned, Helen... all are welcome. we do sometimes talk genealogy, but it is mostly social... I would love to see some new faces anytime you'd like to come along, the next will be in March.

      Good luck with the insurance, Shauna... funny, they are quicker to take the money than they are to pay out.

  2. Phew! Guess you'll have to wait until after the cruise for a rest.

  3. Well done Shauna -moving is always a tad horrendous. How annoying to have so many problems. Hopefully the joy of being at Bribie (until you go sailing) will make up for it.

  4. How sad about the damage to your possessions. When our TV remote control accidentally got drowned (don't ask!) we bought a 'universal remote' and it worked like a charm. I hope you will be very happy at Bribie. It looks as though your first Australia Day in your new home may be a wet one. Stay safe!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and good wishes. Yesterday while we were in the pool we lost count of how many birds were in our rainforest/orchard next to the pool including a very pretty yellow rosella (need to find the bird book now) so it will be so nice living here and the TV remote turned up!