Thursday, 28 February 2013

Genealogy notes 20-28 Feb 2013 Genealogy cruise wrap up

Well it's been fairly hectic since we arrived home from the cruise - it's still raining in SE Queensland and we have spent time bailing out water from the back yard and dealing with insurance issues  from the Australia Day long weekend extreme weather event. Thankfully the house hasn't leaked as much as it did that weekend.

I did find time to do my overall review of the Unlock the Past genealogy cruise and it's on my website here. I really do think it's a perfect way to have a genealogy conference - while at sea you don't have to worry about getting to the venue and you don't need to worry about where to go for dinner!

I was really thrilled to see that my Days1-5 and Days 6-9 made Randy Seavers Best of Geneamusings for the week - that was a real honour and thanks to Jill Ball aka Geniaus for making sure I didn't miss that!

I did forget to mention that one of the geneacruisers was a friend from the Bendigo Branch of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies and she told me about all of the new resources on their website. They also hold a great family and local history expo each year in Bendigo - this year it's on 17 March 2013 but a bit too far too drive to from Bribie Island. I'll miss going there.

I also missed congratulating Alan Phillips and his family on their great organisation of the cruise and they have just sent out their cruise evaluation form which I hope everyone completes as it does allow them to plan bigger and better cruises for us. I did mine and it didn't take long at all. Future cruises looks exciting so I did tick definitely interested!

Well it's been a mad and sometimes stressful nine months since we put our house on the market and made the move from Victoria to Queensland. There's been a lot of travel and genealogy in between not to mention packing and unpacking and repacking! But we have settled now and to help us relax and enjoy our new home, we are off to Bali for a week of absolutely doing nothing.

When I return it will be back to my genealogy and my part time business which has seriously suffered over the last 9 months on the road and in temporary accommodation. I have partly written books, articles to write, research to do and a whole lot of new talks as well. So for the next week I will be off the air, but watch out for my return. It will be back to genealogy with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Stay tuned.


  1. Enjoy your break, Shauna. Look forward to your return.

  2. Enjoy your hols... and thanks for all the great info. Cheers, Catherine.

  3. Looking forward to good things in 2013.