Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Genealogy notes 27-29 August 2013 - 31 activities for NFHM & more

On the news last night I was shocked when the weather person announced only 3 more days of winter (what winter here in the ever sunny blue skies north) but that means only 3 more days of National Family History Month! So I put my skates on and finished my blogs based on my 31 activities for researchers and 31 activities for genealogy/family history societies challenge during August. The final 16 challenges for researchers will give everyone something to do way past August as will the final 16 challenges for genealogy/family history societies.

I would have liked more time myself to actually do some of the challenges I posed for others but keeping up the social media promotion of NFHM during August has kept me busy as well as the odd publicity opportunity. My talk at the Bribie Island library tomorrow made the Bribie Island and Mainland News including a photo of me and a blurb about NFHM and that it is all going to happen again in August 2014!

Well known geneablogger Geniaus has drawn up another geneameme to finish up National Family History Month - see The Blogger's Geneameme. I'm planning to do it on Saturday when I have my talk and the NFHM sponsors prize draw all finished and I can relax a little more.

Back in July I completed the Unlock the Past genealogy cruises survey and that entitled me to a 50% discount of an ebook purchase from their Gen-ebooks before 31 August.  As that date is fast approaching, I looked at their ebooks this morning and made my choice and even ordered their current free ebook offer. Within minutes of placing the order I had all my new ebooks (now safely placed on my virtual to read shelf)!

Now off to practice my talk for tomorrow and make sure I have everything I need for tomorrow. We are going to an exhibition opening at the Bribie Island Seaside Museum tomorrow morning so I need to be organised today. Enjoy the last few days of NFHM 2013.

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  1. You're a busy girl, Shauna. From what I have seen the month has been an enormous success.