Sunday, 25 March 2018

Congress 2018 wrap up, talks, DNA contacts & other news - Genealogy Notes 15- 22 Mar 2018

As usual the week flew past with a couple of outings, a few blog posts and another attempt to tame the paper in my office. Going through drawers of 'stuff ' is always illuminating - first, why did I keep it, where did I get it from, what do I do with it now and so on. Mostly there were BSOs as Lisa Louise Cooke put it during one of her sessions at Congress 2018 - bright shiny objects that distract you when you are looking for something else.

I did the right thing to park (print/save depending on your methodology) them but what I failed to do was set a date with myself to review them in a timely fashion. Now most are superseded with the wonders of technology but I am still left with a sizable pile of paper that I must go through because it is not going back into the filing cabinet. Out of sight out of mind (at least my mind).

Handy conference satchel
I have finally finished writing up my daily reports on Congress 2018 plus a look at some of the Exhibitors and a Summary. Read the posts here Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Exhibitors/Summary.

As you can see from the introduction I have started to do some of my learnings but it is easy to be distracted. Focus with a research plan - one person/family at a time. Then you look in Trove and lots of you beaut results leap out at you! Focus is not easy.

My copy of Lisa Louise Cooke's The Genealogists Google Toolbox 2nd edition has arrived so that will be another date with self - sit down, read and practice the suggestions. What's the bet that I find lots of BSOs and that might just be on one family name. Which name to practice the new tricks on? Names in a hat might work. Stay tuned.

Yesterday I downloaded my free copy of the latest issue of Irish Lives Remembered and it has Winter 2017 on it. That's their winter not ours and the editorial welcomes us to the new year so it is running a bit behind time. Still it has articles from some of my favourites including Jayne Shrimpton (photographs) and Maurice Gleeson (DNA). Apparently Maurice's DNA took him on a wild genealogical ride - looking forward to reading that article as mine has done the same! Great magazine and its free.

Quite a few years ago I did a mitochondrial DNA test with 23 and Me. This is your maternal DNA and nothing has ever really come out of it. I have had more contacts from Ancestry and MyHeritage with autosomal DNA. Now I have received an email from someone who said my name was familiar and that we were related via the 23 and Me site. Well her name was familiar too and after a bit of thought I realised she also attends the Bribie U3A local history class that I go to. She lives around the corner from me and now it appears that we are related! Small world indeed. We have a family history catch up during the week to establish the connection.
Cousins - Max and Cliff post talk enjoying a cuppa

It's not often I go off the Island, usually either for medical reasons or to go to a talk somewhere. Happy to say this time was to the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum to see The Final 100 Days exhibition. It is the last days of WW1 and marks the end of the anniversary celebrations for the centenary of WW1. Those last four years have gone quick and lots of great projects have been undertaken during that time. The exhibition closes on 27 May 2018 so there is time to get there if you live in the Brisbane/Moreton regions.

Denis was 17 when he enlisted and spent his 18th
birthday in a German POW camp.
Image courtesy State Library of Queensland.
One of my favourite projects was the State Library of Queensland's digitisation of WW1 soldier portraits from The Queenslander. I found quite a few of my relatives and it is really good to have a quality image and not one from Trove (they are usually too dark for clarity). The Library has some wonderful resources for World War One.

The other reason we went to the exhibition was that Max's cousin Cliff was doing a talk on Queensland military hospitals, repatriation and Spanish flu. So it was a chance to catch up with family plus Cliff does some wonderful talks on various aspects of the war on the home front as well as overseas.

What's Coming Up
How did Easter get here so quickly and as I write this the humidity is 100%. There are light showers too and I can see the weeds growing before my eyes.

This week is the last session of Term 1 at Bribie U3A for my advanced family history classes. In Term 2 we will have double the number as they are taking the tables out of the room to fit more chairs in - this will get rid of the waiting list as most students re-enrol each term. Keen!

Tutoring keeps me on my toes planning and Term 2 has 11 weeks. I survey each class to see what they would like to learn more about and that helps with ideas.

Blog posts and articles still to write and I must try and get another Trove Tuesday post done.

Time for a coffee break. Until next time, have a great genealogical week with many wonderful finds.


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