Sunday, 16 December 2018

WA Perth cemetery, writing family history & other news - Genealogy Notes 1-15 Dec 2018

The second last Diary notes for 2018 and I am looking forward to the Christmas/New Year break as it will give me a chance to process all the new information I have found this year. Preparing the weekly U3A classes has really helped me to locate family information that I might never have looked for.
Make sure this event is in your calendar. Not to be missed.


A few weeks back, I enrolled in the University of Tasmania Writing Family History unit (part of the Diploma in Family History). As well as picking up some tips on writing, I am also discovering quite a few books that I want to read - Santa has also been informed so bring on Christmas Day.

 I have two of the books they refer to frequently - Hazel Edwards How to Write a Non Boring Family History and Noelene Kyle's Writing Family History Made Very Easy. They are long time favourites, but I am rereading them for further inspiration and tips.


In October and November I only managed two blog posts (apart from Diary and my monthly blog for The In-Depth Genealogist) - one a book review and the other a Trove Tuesday post. Half way through December and I haven't met my goal to do better - time for the skates. Over the weekend I worked on a Trove Tuesday which will be ready to go on Tuesday and I want to finish a blog post on DNA so that I can start fresh in 2019.

Family History Writing

My desire to be part of a local family history writing group became a reality last week. A quiet word to the local U3A course programmer and I found myself a room, day and time for the first term in 2019. At this stage we will meet fortnightly to discuss our projects and to inspire/motivate each other.

New Resources

Friends of Battye Library and National Trust of Western Australia have launched an upgraded website for the East Perth Cemeteries. There is new burial data, searching is faster with more sophisticated search abilities and a fantastic mapping component. I don't have anyone in the Perth cemetery (mine are in Karrakatta cemetery) but the site is still worth a look.

Fields in the database include the usual name, date of death and burial, age, location of grave and number plus the really exciting cause of death and monumental inscription if there is one.  Lots of information from just one search. There are also sections on Stories and People, Shapes and Symbols and Events and the interactive map. Under about there is a history and other interesting menu options - explore the whole site, especially if you have anyone in the East Perth Cemeteries.

What's Coming Up

My favourite photo of my son - the first Christmas when he
was old enough to really get excited about presents!
Christmas and New Year (as the next Diary will be due on 31 December). So much of the next week will be last minute shopping and festivities although all the formal Christmas parties are over.

Might be time to get in some exercise and the garden will certainly need a good weed after the drizzly rain and humidity we have had over the last few days.

Between Christmas and New Year I am hoping for some quiet family history time and lots of family stories written (without getting sidetracked into more research).

My website needs a good review and tidy up so that's another priority.

Finally I would like to thank all my readers throughout 2018 - all feedback, comments and emails are appreciated. I hope that everyone has found something new for their own family history through my Diary posts.

2018 has been fabulous and I know 2019 is going to be even better.

Have a safe and happy Christmas with your families. Until next time.

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